Increased Visibility

Well-established Web3 projects aren’t getting the visibility they deserve. We aim to change that.

Why might you need increased visibility?

1. Without visibility even the best of products will fail commercially due to a lack of customer acquisition.

2. Without visibility you will struggle to retain customers.

3. Without visibility you will never build brand value.

How Bridgr helps increase your visibility:

  • Our partner Ethlas will integrate your company into one of their cross-community casual games, which will allow you to build connections and gain exposure through friendly competition.
  • Your company will be featured in one of Bridgr’s monthly newsletters (one feature included in the annual membership).
  • Your company will be featured in a dedicated write-up on Bridgr’s Medium Blog.
  • Your company will be featured in a dedicated AMA session in Bridgr’s weekly Twitter Spaces.
  • Your company will be featured on a joint banner for all members at WEB3 SOCIAL By Bridgr events - for sponsorship options check our Medium article